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6 More Types of Events You Can Host Online in 2021


Business does not stop. Pandemic or not, we have to continue to find ways to meet, connect, network, and create meaningful opportunities. Luckily, today’s technology is advanced enough to allow us to run just about every type of event online.

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But there’s more, here are 6 more types of events you can create online in 2021:

1. Campus Recruitment Events

Just like regular job fairs, campus recruitment events can be conducted safely and effectively online. The organizing university or college is able today to create a customized virtual recruitment experience for their students and alumni, invite various recruiters to exhibit their companies and open vacancies, and seamlessly connect their students with the right career opportunities.

2. Business Conferences

Companies are always in need to organize events and conferences aimed at sharing products and services, discussing the business landscape and news, and generating leads and product interest. Conducting a business conference online is also feasible in 2021. Virtual events are highly customizable to fit each brand voice and needs. Businesses can choose their event format and theme. They can invite a large audience of customers, partners, and sponsors. They can also ensure content distribution, lead generation, and even product demos are all conducted online

3. Trade Shows and Expos

Perhaps a massive gathering to showcase products, tools, and services is not feasible during a pandemic. Yet again, the virtual world is powerful enough today to allow creators to meet online and exhibit their branded items in a highly customized and effective way. Not only do they get to customize their booths, but they also have live interactions with the trade show attendees and can close deals on the spot.

4. Bazaars and Virtual Markets

Small businesses, boutique shops, craftsmen, and artists struggle today to find the same physical venues and events to sell their products on the ground. Through a virtual platform, organizing a virtual market or bazaar is easy. Branding tools, live interactions, and brochures/handouts make such online events highly rewarding.

5. Awards and Competitions

Whether for business case studies, robotics, creative talents, or philanthropy; the virtual events technology offers space for running competitions and award ceremonies. Organizers are able to benefit from a highly global access, customized event experience, and live sessions and audience engagement that makes running competitions online in 2021 a breeze.

6. Networking Events

Enabling like-minded individuals to meet and find meaningful opportunities does not need to be limited to physical networking. A virtual networking event can create wonders by widening audience reach, customizing break-out rooms for more targeted communication, and increasing engagement through chat rooms, polls, and various interactive sessions.

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