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Tips To Get The Most For Your Virtual Event


In the past few months, you have probably encountered the term “virtual event”. No matter if you are an attendee or a business owner, it is no surprise you would come across virtual event platforms at this time.

The reason is that the world of on-ground and physical events was simply not happening last year. The pandemic forced the event industry to swing, revolutionize, and remodel immensely.

At the same time, the  pandemic is still  forcing people to stay at home for months on end and has just helped an the growing industry to boom.

The virtual events industry is a direct result of the new low touch economy and that’s it is very essential to understand the ways to Capitalize on it for your business.

That is precisely what we are going to talk about here.

Get the most out of a virtual event platform

The following are some of the most promising and proven tips that can help you get the most out of a virtual platform provider and attain the highest results with a virtual event.

Be familiar with the goal of the event

Being familiar with the goals and setting goals that are timely, relevant, actionable, measurable, and specific is the most excellent approach to determine whether a marketer is getting ROI. The following are some of the event goals:

  • Increase event registrations
  • Increase social media presence
  • Increase media coverage
  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Generate pipeline value
  • Increase users of product or particular product features
  • Increase satisfaction of customers
  • Increase customer retention

Knowing your goal makes it easy for you to determine the event journey you need, and this will give Clarity towards the features you will need for your event.

Be familiar with the audience

If you are a marketing manager, you most likely are not at all tired of reminding every person on your team regarding the significance of knowing one’s audience and segmenting them. The same applies to the virtual event as well.

You need to be familiar with what the purpose is so you can segment the audience – and customers – accordingly and modify the event content and schedule to their needs. Knowing this will help you focus on the resources of the virtual platform and the best ways to  utilize them to engage with the customers.

Understand and utilize the advantages of the platform features

What does the virtual platform have to offer? Ask them. Or ask the NxtShow team. Understand every offering available on the platform for virtual conferences and see which of the perks meet your needs. here are an example to features you can’t do without for any event

  • a strong reporting and analytics dashboard that lets you measure the performance of your event and know who did what
  • one to one meeting tools
  • sessions with engagement tools such as q&A polls and downloadable files
  • full event statistics and analytics
  • real time interactions
  • Exhibition booths and products showcase

Make use of analytics to track and engage

Analytics show you where attendees are, what they are doing, and which sessions and speakers are getting the most engagement. It is a powerful tool. Have you ever used Google analytics or Twitter analytics or any other analytics? The same applies to the virtual event as well.


In spite of being compelled to stay at home, many companies are still struggling with launching and creating virtual events. Working with nxtshow, one of the leading virtual platforms for conferences and trade shows, overcomes their fear. Check out how nxtshow can help your business through a virtual conference!