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Here Is Why You Need to Start Running Your Events Virtually ASAP


The year 2020 took so many of us by surprise. All businesses and organizations across the UAE entered a panic period over their inability to hold meetings, events, and large gatherings. But luckily, we also faced the COVID pandemic in a time when technology was more powerful than ever and turning to the virtual world was highly effective and rewarding.

Dubai and the UAE in general is known for being a creative hub where established businesses and entrepreneurs, governments and state officials, employers and job seekers, artists and creators, and many others meet to exchange ideas and knowledge. Also because the UAE is known for embracing technology and creativity in all aspects, it took many big steps in using virtual platforms to keep events running successfully.
The neat thing is that virtual events have not only proven to be a strong alternative to physical events, they have actually changed the events game entirely and introduced many new possibilities and advantages to those who use them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need to start running your events virtually now.

Wider Audience Reach
Without doubt, moving your events to a virtual platform like NxtShow means that you do not need to restrict attendance to a geographic space, a city, or even a country. Luckily, the virtual event platform is accessible worldwide. Moreover, there are various tools that can help you localize and tailor your event content in more than one language and choose multiple instant subtitles of your event sessions’ content.

Stronger Customization and Branding
Conducting your event online means that you have the opportunity to set the experience in a way that meets your exact brand needs and business objectives. The physical space poses some limitations when it comes to customization of design, communication, or the event experience in general. Luckily, using a virtual event platform gives you ample room to customize the experience and perfect your branding and messaging to appeal to your audience.

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