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A Guide To Hybrid Events Best Practices


Because of a variation in the setting, there is a gap in the experience the in-person and remote audiences will have. Your job, being a host, is to bridge this gap to deliver a flawless, interactive event for both audiences. This can be done using the best hybrid event platform. In order to facilitate you to attain that, the following are some of the key hybrid event best practices to respond to this matter and host an ultimate hybrid event.

      Keep yourself open to revisions

To keep away from last-minute panic, this practice can help you a great deal. If the content to be delivered is decided, and the speakers are allocated their topics, you must re-visit the presentations, videos, and all that content to be presented before the audience.

See if it aligns with the list of items for the event and provides value.

You need to serve the participants with value-added content for their invested time in the event. And if that means revisiting the content a few times over, it is absolutely worth the effort. However, being an event planner, you should approach your 1st hybrid event as a learning opportunity. There will be a testing time for every company as they transfer to this innovative approach of hosting events.

A lot of people have shared similar concerns when they began hosting virtual events: they were nervous at the idea of it for the reason that they have not at all done it earlier. But the more events they hosted, the better they turned out to be at it.

      Adhere to on-site operation functionalities

It is not that big of a worry for the virtual delegates but the participants that are present physically; you have to go over where the show is supposed to take place. You, with the entire team members, should schedule a particular time of the day to practice and examine if the lights and sound are functioning accurately, so it does not cause an embarrassment for you when actually, you would be there.

In addition, ensure that anything being live-streamed is set up so that it offers clear audio and video to the virtual audience. Perform a quick ‘tech check’ prior to the event, where somebody can view the presentation through the virtual platform and suggest any amendments if required.

      Engage the virtual partakers

It is effortless for distant attendees to simply sit back and be present at the event passively, without actively participating in the event. As a host, you should not let this take place.

To better engage the remote audience, instruct the speakers to attend to queries, comments and suggestions sent in by virtual attendees. The participation from the attendees present on-site is certainly important. But most of the time, they cope to interact as the speaker is right in front of them, unlike the participants who joined the session distantly.

At live webinars, it is important to engage both audiences. Bring features into play that both virtual and in-person attendees can interact with. For instance, live polling and Q&A’s can be carried out through the virtual platform app by both in-person and distant attendees. This will even let organizers to gather event analytics once the event is over.

      Set time as your priority

Attention spans of the audience have lessened significantly and a minor sluggishness might cost you a fortune. Particularly the ones who have joined distantly are more inclined to being victimized.

Schedule the event so that the sessions are not too long and there are breaks in between. But keeping small sessions does not guarantee engagement. Instead, you have got to provide value-added content in an interactive manner.

You should even consider time zones for the ones who are attending virtually. If there is a huge number of attendees from across the globe, it would be most excellent to stream the in-person presentation, and then even upload a recording of it for other audiences to watch on their own time.

Final thoughts

Hybrid events are definitely a win-win situation regardless of what phase of planning you are in. Such events offer all the possible benefits of an online event. This is flawlessly accompanied by allowing attendees to have 1-on-1 interactions with the guests as well as deliver a brilliant event experience.

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