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How To Create An Event Registration Form That Converts Effectively?


Are you planning to host a conference, webinar, workshop, or any other sort of virtual event that needs people to register? You have come to the right place!

However, take into account that having a smooth registration process encourages people to attend an event. In this manner, you can deliver the most value to others while getting the most out of leads generation and increasing revenue at your event.

It is normal practice for interested participants to give out personal information such as names and email addresses. But these days, there are software and tools that offer opportunities for creating registration forms custom-made to any specific type of event and best suited for acquiring more precise attendee information at the time of registration.

If you are wondering how to build and tailor an event registration form, or in search of an event registration form sample, you have come to the right place. This guide has been created by the professionals to let you know the best practices to increase event attendance and strategies to optimize its efficiency.

How To Optimize Event Registration Forms

Learn to maintain uncomplicatedness in the online registration form by producing one that matches or compliments your logo on the registration page. Lessen links and inappropriate content in order to make sure that everything offers value relevance and value to the audience.

It is suggested to bring a heatmap into play that can work wonders as a data visualization tool to help you understand the way your event registration forms is performing. It is designed to optimize registration forms to provide you with a comprehensive view of user’s behavior on a page – what they click, how far they scroll, and what gets their attention.

Heat maps provide a visual view of data to help you evaluate it at a glance. This is useful, particularly if you are not in the habit of evaluating large data. There are several heatmap tools that allow you to segment and filter data. For this reason, it will be simple to track the different types of users on your page and keep an eye on their behavior.

The registration page is supposed to be on your landing page and should not be listed on any other website to achieve the most promising results. Like this, you will not lose clients or customers from your website before they even get to sign up.

Double-check all form fields on the registration for m to see if they work properly and are designed professionally. When optimizing it, it is essential to dwell on your CTA (Call to Action) to assess its strength. Using words such as “send” and “go” on the CTA button is better than the word “submit”.

Creating perfect event registration form that converts effectively

  • Keep it brief and plain but impactful

Keep registration forms simple and make sure to comprise all essential details for the event. Write the entire essential questions evidently and succinctly. When you can create a brief but considerately systematized form, visitors will stay longer and be encouraged to provide answers.

  • Get more people to read by making it scan able

Users should be capable of telling the required information at a glance. In addition, they should really understand its purpose and the way they can submit it.

A valuable and scan able registration form is supposed to include the following:

  • Balanced text and colors – The text needs to be short and simple to read. A study suggests that there’s a stronger inclination for old-style dark on light text-background blends for its readability.
  • Good grouping and spacing – Group attendee information and payment details accordingly to get rid of confusion. Opt to create shorter blocks that are effortless to read than a single long block. Make use of smart spacing to support the field they explain.
  • Effective CTA (Call to Action) – Keep the call to action short while encouraging users to take action. Create a sense of urgency using words such as “Register Now” or “Reserve My Slot” on the CTA button. Once they have clicked it, end it with a submission success message to let users know that a form is properly submitted.
  • Only ask what is necessary

Logically grouping of event form fields can help users comprehend the necessary information quickly. For this reason, the position of questions should be similar to the ones you would have asked in person.

For instance, it is advisable to ask the name of a person before their address. It should be followed immediately by the zip code, which you would not ask for several questions later at the time a personal conversation.

  • Provide visible and specific error messages

Arrange a registration form to assess and validate the replies in real-time. In this manner, they will find out right away if they have made a mistake in filling out the form even before submission.

Error messages should be noticeable at a glance. Additionally, the mistakes should be displayed near the fields with errors.

Bring text notices, graphics, and colors into play to draw attention to errors attendees made when filling out a specific field. Ensure to present information on the way to fill them out correctly.

In proportion to this, forms can even show if a username necessitates letters, numbers, and special characters.

  • Make forms keyboard-friendly

Different kinds of keywords should be supported by an event form when sending out the attendee details.

  • On mobile – The keyboard type should meet the data required. The alpha keyboard should be activated for letters, whereas the numeric option should be displayed for numbers.
  • On desktop – Users should be capable of accessing a form and fill out each field without the need to click the mouse.

We’ve just provided some helpful strategies to create and optimize event registration forms effectively. The examples of event registration form are available in abundance. If you want attendees to connect ad build meaningful relationships virtually, book a demo of, which is a reliable platform for virtual events!

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