How To Make Your Webinar Interactive To Increase Audience Engagement?


When you think of 2022, there are most likely a few words that come to mind – Wi-Fi bandwidth, technology, pandemic, coronavirus, change, remote, and unprecedented – we could go on and on!

Along with all this change, 2022 has brought us to the new world of canceled events and the rise of webinars and virtual events. This has resulted in an interesting problem: virtual events are the sole approach to interact straight with the target audience, but there is a bit of a webinar overload. This makes it tricky to stand out without your webinar falling stale.

No matter you are brand new to webinars or you have been doing them for years, you need to know how to make a webinar interactive for the registrants and attendees to have an exclusive experience. Not sure how? Keep reading.

Begin with promotion

Dwell on your existing webinar strategy and ask yourself the questions mentioned below:

  • How are you presently promoting your webinars?
  • How many emails are you sending out for your webinars?
  • Are you doing any social posts? Paid or organics?
  • What are you doing to make your webinars stand out?

In order to have a successful webinar with a significant number of attendees, you need a cross-channel promotion strategy. In order to create a cross-channel promotion strategy, you should be promoting your webinar on social platforms (both organic and paid), email campaigns, call blitzes, and pop-up ads on your website. This makes sure that you can reach the target audience regardless of where they are and grow your list of prospects.

Keep in contact

Life gets chaotic – the final thing you would like is for your prospects to register for your webinar and not show up! Make it simple for them to remember your webinar by sending three emails leading up to the big event.

  • Confirmation email-as soon as they register through a link to the calendar placeholder.
  • Day-before video reminder email– Have one of your presenters record a fifteen-second sneak peak of webinar and send it out to the registrants.
  • Onehour before reminder email-comprising an exclusive link that registrants are required to join the webinar.
  • Bonus email tip – Do not leave your attendees hanging after your webinar! Send a day-after email that includes a recording of the webinar and additional resources they can employ to study more about your subject.

Stay social

Integrate cross-channel promotion on the day of the webinar by creating a webinar hashtag that is short, fun, and pertinent to the content you are presenting.

Have the host introduce this hashtag and explain its purpose at the starting of the webinar. Include the Twitter handle of your business and hashtag at the bottom of each slide during the webinar and promote attendees to use it to mention their experience. Ensure that you assign a person to keep an eye on this hashtag and Twitter notifications of your business during the webinar.

Make it personal

Create an authentic, personal experience for the attendees. Not only should the presenter be high-energy and engaging, but both the host and presenters should be on camera. The more engaging and personal the presenters are, the better the general webinar engagement will be with attendees. In this new virtual world, it is essential to create a real connection with attendees to make them trust your business.

Engaging with attendees in the Chat box

Regardless of the webinar platform, you choose to use, it should have a chat function. It is encouraged to make use of the chat box to engage with the attendees. This allows a natural conversation, which results in increased engagement and a more interactive webinar.

At the beginning of the webinar, have the host introduce the chat box and get people comfortable with using it by asking a simple question and reading off some of the answers. Have the presenters ask questions to the attendees during the webinar and wait for a reply. Consider the tips mentioned below:

  • Keep the questions simple – Try asking questions that necessitate a minimal word answer from the attendees.
  • Read off the answers as they come in – No person likes to participate and not get some sort of response. Have the presenters read a few of the replies when they come through the chat.

Real-time answers for your attendees

Coach your presenters to react to attendee chat box questions in real-time. While we do not want the presenters to stop mid-sentence just to answer an attendee question, there should be natural pauses and breaks built into the webinar. Such breaks will allow the host to jump in and ask the presenters to respond to germane questions.

Closing poll and offer

During a webinar, you would like to collect data to see if the material is connecting with the attendees or not. An easy approach to do this is by launching a closing poll that includes an offer. Regardless of what webinar platform you use, there is an option to make and launch polls. The offer you put in the poll should be something simple and valuable to the attendees. This offer is meant to form a connection between your business and the attendees’ post-webinar.

Post-webinar personal touch points

Presenters and hosts try to answer every attendee’s question, but this is not always possible given time limitations. Get your sales team involved by giving the unanswered questions and having them reach out. The sales team should be reaching out by LinkedIn, email, and phone. The team should be reaching out multiple times and following up on all leads post webinar.

Let’s Get Digital

How can you make webinars interactive? Start by stumbling on the right webinar strategy – this will allow you to stand out from the competition and generate demand, bringing in new leads and solidifying your business as a specialist in your niche industry. By considering the tips mentioned above, you will be able to make a lasting impression on your attendees and continue to grow your business! is one of the best virtual event platforms that you use to deliver your next interactive webinar and make a lasting impression on the attendees!

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